The Most Difficult Language to Learn 高三英语作文

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In China, a lot of people complain that English is so difficult to learn. They even spend a lot of time to study grammar, still can’t speak English fluently. But as China becomes stronger, more and more foreigners start to learn mandarin. Chinese and English are in the different language family, so the foreigners struggle to learn mandarin, and most people give up

The Most Difficult Language to Learn 高三英语作文在中国,很多人抱怨英语太难学了。他们甚至花很多时间学习语法,仍然不能流利地说英语。但是随着中国变得越来越强大,越来越多的外国人开始学习普通话。汉语和英语属于不同的语系,所以外国人努力学习普通话,大多数人放弃了

after a few days’ learning. For some who can speak a little, they complain that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn. There are four tones and it is hard for them to figure out. But there are still some foreigners learn Chinese so well. Therefore, if they can do it well, why don’t we complain. All we need to do is to keep practicing and find the best way to master another language.



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